Shield your critical systems without losing sight

With p-x distributed cyber sensor technology

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P-X fits in your hand

P-X nodes are robust cyber sensors that can be deployed into any part of a digital infrastructure.

A P-X deployment does not rely on one machine to filter data and alert users. Instead, the system employs a distributed approach in which multiple smaller cyber sensors are deployed.

The distributed approach is possible through the addition of a proprietary out of band medium (a military grade radio frequency protocol) to the nodes.

This ensures P-X does not rely on its host network to function properly, which greatly enhances usability, non-intrusiveness and ‘blind spot’ control.

P-X can help circumvent three common issues
when implementing new technology

① Downtime can be extremely costly.

Downtime related to cybersecurity incidents can be costly, but downtime associated with the implementation of cybersecurity systems can also seriously disrupt business flows.

P-X is a fully independent cyber sensor that does not interfere with delicate operational systems during deployment, service and removal.

② Adapting legacy infrastructure can be costly and disruptive.

Legacy infrastructures and equipment that still function fine are rarely replaced pre-emptively.

They can become very vulnerable to cyberthreats due to a lack of security updates or other infrastructural limitations that inhibit central threat monitoring.

P-X can be deployed without having to invest in infrastructural adaptations across the most isolated assets in your operation.

③ Large cybersecurity investments can provoke complicated strategic questions.

Organisations that are responsible for managing a fragile ecosystem of legacy operational technology can be weary of investing large sums of money in cybersecurity systems that may become redundant quickly.

P-X’s cyber sensors are an accessible way of monitoring blind spots for cyberthreats across multiple (future) generations of operational equipment.

P-X nodes take detection to a new level

“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”

Steve Jobs quoting Alan Kay at the presentation of the first iPhone

We agree with Steve and Alan.

A built for purpose system perfoms better and is more secure because it presents the minimum amount of attack vectors.
But more importantly, there can be no cross contamination or escalation of privileges because of a physical separation with the systems it's protecting.

P-X fits in your hand