Company Overview

P-X was founded in 2015 by cybersecurity experts with a host of experience, including work for various intelligence services. P-X Systems is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and is a 100% wholly owned Dutch deep tech company engaged in the research, development and delivery of high end cyber security products.

With deep expertise in the development of hardware and software solutions in the cybersecurity realm, the P-X development team has diligently worked to develop an outside of the box solution to a fundamental cybersecurity challenge: have we managed to close the gaps in our defences as much as possible? To answer that question, we’ve developed cyber sensor technology that’s really good at monitoring an entire infrastructure without having to adapt that infrastructure to make the cybersecurity tool work.

We believe that people who are really serious about software should develop their own hardware. The P-X engine is integrated with a proprietary piece of hardware. Our detection framework runs on multiple pieces of hardware that can be distributed across your vulnerable digital assets. This way we can guarantee full network visibility across your entire digital infrastructure, solving cybersecurity bottlenecks in relation to air gaps or other forms of network segregation.

Our pioneering product, the P-X node, has seen multiple stages of research and development. The first generation, or ‘minimum viable product’, was developed in 2016 and patented. The second generation was developed from the first generation in 2016, and sold to our launching customer. We are proud to say that they are still on board with us and will receive our complementary product upgrade in the near future.

P-X Systems Amsterdam Office


Job openings

P-X is growing. The past couple of years a solid foundation for the company has been laid. Now it is time for P-X to scale, and that is why we need you!

We are a European cybersecurity company headquartered in the historic center of Amsterdam.

P-X technology is used to secure the most critical processes, such as water treatment facilities and power plants. Our focus is on the operational technology (OT) realm.

We develop and deliver a full service security platform which ranges from our own hardware, low-level and userland software to our front-end application. Our decentralised cybersensor technology collects and analyses data from networks and can pass it on to other security tools such as security information and event management (SIEM) platforms.

You get to work with a unique solution.

The hardware

Our custom cybersensor hardware is made to be safer. It leverages radio frequency to create an independent communication network. Keywords: custom kernel, buildroot, PCB design.

The software

We develop and maintain our own proprietary software across the entire P-X stack. Backend components are primarily written in Rust. Keywords: custom communication protocols, detection engines, back-end dataflows.

The front-end

Our customers use our front-end application for incident response and is supported on various devices and platforms. Keywords: complex dashboarding, configuration maintenance, (REST)API’s.

Who are we looking for

We are looking for various passionate software developers, interested in cyber security. You can be a junior, medior or even coming from a different background. All are welcome and we promise that on all levels you will be working with bleeding edge technology across the board.

We at P-X Systems are inquisitive by nature and have broad knowledge and curiosity about digital technology. This also means - from our side - that everyone in the company enjoys a lot of freedom and is able to work on a great variety of activities and technologies.

If you are interested (or curious) about joining our team, please reach out and send your CV and cover letter outlining what you are good at, in what you would like to improve yourself and why you are interested in joining P-X?


There are currently no open job offerings.

Acquisition by agencies is not appreciated and will not be responded to.
P-X Systems is not able to offer sponsorship to candidates who are not eligible to work in the Netherlands.

How to contact us


Postal address
P.O. Box 10623
1001 EP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Amsterdam office
Herengracht 493
1017 BT Amsterdam
The Netherlands