With our distributed cyber security sensor technology

P-X nodes take detection to a new level

“You can't defend. You can't prevent. The only thing you can do is detect and respond.”

Bruce Schneierrespected cryptographer and security specialist

We agree with Bruce.

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Avoid the arms race

One Byte is enough

We believe that simple solutions are lasting solutions. Getting to the essentials and getting them right is an art.

P-X takes detection of cyberthreats to a new level. Not by going hypercomplex and trying to factor in all possible variables but by exploiting the core of the problem.

We help you detect and evaluate incoming contact. Very simple, but not easy. Because simplicity is the ultimate sophistication after all.

The P-X app

Sophisticated Simplicity


We develop advanced cyber detection sensors capable of deployment in a vast array of infrastructures. The unique combination of high quality detection and extreme usability is a game changer.

We believe that centralised detection solutions offer many possible advantages, only to be outdone by disadvantages related to implementation, cost of ownership and output. With P-X, users get simple implementation and ownership combined with sophisticated threat detection.

Advanced cyber detection

The explosive increase of digitalisation and connectivity brings about new and advanced threats. Being able to detect more than just known signatures is critical in an ever evolving digital landscape.

P-X is a cybersecurity early warning system that’s been designed to help users enhance their detection capability. The system deploys advanced detection techniques, capable of detecting more than just known signatures. 

P-X nodes are capable of detecting reconnaissance scans and malicious code and still offer regular signature matching services to detect known threats. 

This means that a P-X deployment empowers users to get ahead in the cyber security arms race. P-X helps users get grip on Zero-day threats and Advanced Persistent Threats like (nation-state) hackers.

The power of distribution

Crucially, the P-X system is distributed. This means that a deployment consists of multiple independent sensors that form a detection network together, as opposed to one central datafiltering solution. 

The distributed nature of the network has many unique benefits. P-X nodes can be deployed in situations where other detection technology is not feasible. Also, scaling up or down is simple, which means that a P-X deployment is future proof.

The P-X detection network functions completely independently from the architecture it protects. This means that implementation is non-intrusive and that the nodes can not be used as an attack vector.

The P-X nodes communicate via their own communication medium through Radio Frequency. This way, P-X does not depend on the architecture it protects in any way. It also guarantees integrity and offers users a redundant and secure detection solution. 


“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”

Steve Jobs quoting Alan Kay at the presentation of the first iPhone

We agree with Steve and Alan.

A built for purpose system perfoms better and is more secure because it presents the minimum amount of attack vectors.

But more importantly, there can be no cross contamination or escalation of privileges because of a physical separation with the systems it's protecting.

The P-X enclosure


When you get P-X, you get a game changing combination of features, all in one solution. The combination of these features guarantees users the high-end, versatile solution required to stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital world.

Your P-X nodes provide

 Better Detection
Detect Zero-day threats and Advanced Persistent Threats quickly and across all protocols and data types.

 Industrial Design
P-X nodes have their own RF side channel, do not require an IP address and are protected by a milled aluminium housing.

 Resource efficient
P-X nodes require minimal service, no updates, and are easily interchangeable. Ideal for use in challenging circumstances.

Advanced detection technology


We are the only company in the world that can offer you a truly distributed detection solution. In this section you’ll learn more about the benefits associated with P-X. More intricate details about the underlying technology, its deployment in your infrastructure, and its features can be found under'technology'.


We’ve developed a solution for forward thinking organisations looking to upgrade their detection capabilities and get ahead of the threats that are out there. A solution that’s perfect for organisations who manage complex infrastructures they have to secure, but have not been able to secure due to logistic or financial reasons (or both). P-X is a cyber security solution that can elastically grow with your organisation, will last you a long time, is ready for an IoT-heavy future, and is very cost effective.

① Advanced threat detection
P-X offers you an advanced detection capability: Our sensors are equipped to detect Zero-day threats and Advanced Persistent Threats.

② Detection at the start of the Kill Chain
Reconnaissance scans happen at the start of the kill chain. P-X empowers you to detect and respond to those threats early. This enables you to take action before costly damage has been inflicted. 

④ Actionable insights
P-X enables high detection accuracy through swarm intelligence. We aim to warn with clarity, sparingly. P-X input can be relayed to you via the use of our app, but also to your SOC or SIEM solution. 

⑤ Independence
Most security systems depend on the same communication medium they protect, which makes them vulnerable. P-X is not part of the network it protects in any way, and as such can’t be shut down or taken over as a means of intrusion. This also means the system complements current security systems but does not depend on them, avoiding vendor lock-in.
⑥ Easy to maintain
The P-X nodes do not have to be updated and need little or no servicing. This means 24/7/365 protection, and minimal cost of ownership. P-X is brought to you as a service: No hassle cybersecurity. 

⑦ Easy to deploy
Because P-X functions completely independently, rollout can be very easy. The detection network is set up by plugging in the nodes with a standard network cable and power. After that, the system functions completely and independently. P-X nodes in the field do not require an IP address and can communicate with each other by use of their own built-in communication medium. 

⑧ Very agile
The P-X system is comprised of small sensors, that can communicate and protect completely independently from the client infrastructure. Deployment is straightforward and non-intrusive. This means it’s an affordable, future proof solution that’s easy to scale up or down.

⑨ Dynamically scalable
Because the P-X system is comprised of a number of small, independent nodes instead of one heavy piece of hardware, the system is scalable to a micro level WITHOUT affecting the quality of protection. This means the system always protects at a very high level, and is always optimally sized. That way, P-X offers a high-end detection solution, that’s affordable at scale.

What P-X isn't

P-X is not a one-stop solution to everything cybersecurity. We offer a solution made up of rugged sensors that add a qualitative layer to the capacity of its user to detect incoming threats and to take decisive action. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less.

Founded to help you get ahead of the curve


The longer it takes an organisation to identify, investigate, and respond to a cyber-attack, the more likely it is that their actions won’t be enough to preclude a costly breach of sensitive data. As cybercrime rapidly evolves in volume and variety, security systems struggle to catch up.

P-X was founded to help change this paradigm to help you get ahead of the curve. The answer? Contact based detection. First contact obviously happens at the very start of the kill chain. We’ve developed a solution that enables you to detect, investigate and identify faster than ever before, maximising your valuable window of opportunity to respond.


Developing next generation cybersecurity tools since 2015.

P-X was founded in 2015. Based in Amsterdam, we are a creative technology company that wants to push the boundaries. Non-conventional thinking supported by professionalism and commitment are our core values. This translates to what we do, and to how we do it. We deliver cleverly developed out-of-the-box cybersecurity solutions for forward thinking organisations that want to get ahead and avoid the security arms race.


20+ years of cybersecurity expertise.

To get the best, you have to work with the best. Our founding experts have over 20 years of cybersecurity experience with top-tier international security organisations. Our all-star lineup of developers enables us to achieve more with less. This way, our customers pay only for high-end solutions, no frills.

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